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Summer Fun! 5 Summer Family Activities

Summer Fun

Here are 5 Summer family activities for you to try out this summer that won’t break the bank!

Summer is a great time for family fun. The kids are home from school, so it’s time to do things the whole family can enjoy. We’ve put together 5 Summer family activities for you to try out.

Family Quest

First, you’ll want to gather a few things and hide them. While doing this, prepare little cards with clues to help them find each item. The first person to find them all wins! Try doing this in theme! Pick pirates, fairies, or any other characters or theme you like. You can give the winner the choice of any meal they want. This is a good way to extend the family fun and gather for a victory dinner! This ties into the next idea. You can do this anywhere, your house, a park, the beach, there are no limits!

Family Pizza Night

Cooking is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family and pizza is always a fun treat that the kids will definitely love. You can either buy premade pizza dough or make your own—buying it is cheap, easier, and faster. Buy a bunch of different toppings making sure to get everyone’s favorites. Next, you can either make or buy pizza sauce. Again, buying it can be as low as $1.00, so it’s cheap, and much quicker. Some of them are actually really yummy! And, of course, you don’t want to forget cheese! Don’t feel limited to just mozzarella.

Make your pizza making station. You can set this up anywhere you have space. Put all the toppings out, the sauce, and the cheese, so that everyone can easily grab the ingredients to make their personal pie. It’s not only delicious, it’s also super fun!

Family Camping

When camping, there are a few must-haves: tents, s’mores, and storytelling! You don’t have to buy fancy camping equipment and go away to do this. Plan a night-in, or out, whichever fits your family best, and do some camping. You can make tents, think childhood, forts are absolutely ok and definitely recommended. Make sure you set it up with flash lights for everyone, a bunch of pillows, and you can put out lanterns for a more “campy” feel.

You can also do this outside and just make some type of outdoor tent. If you don’t have the means to make a fire, or don’t have a fire pit, you can use your grill or fireplace to roast marshmallows for the s’mores. If you’re in a pinch, you can place them on the graham cracker in the microwave till it puffs up really big.

Family Movie Day

This one is fun and very easy! Have everyone pick a movie they want to watch, get some popcorn and movie-theatre candy favorites, and throw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the couch and floors, so there is plenty of comfy lounging space for your movie day! You can assign everyone number at random and pull those numbers from a hat. That can be the order you watch the movies in!

Pool or Beach Picnic

This is an easy one! Is you don’t live near a beach or pool, you can picnic in the park, or your favorite spot! Grab a cooler and fill it with easy made sandwiches, salad, fruit, and drinks. Also, take some snacks and the essentials for fun in the sun: sunblock, sunglasses, floats, umbrellas, and any games you want to play! The family always loves this.

These are only 5 summer family activities for you to try out this summer. There are so many things you can do that are fun, affordable or even free, and a great way to get to spend some time together and make memories!


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