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6 Ways to Declutter your Home

Check out these tips to declutter your home on a budget!

Let’s face it, clutter happens! If you’re someone who’s never faced the struggle of clutter, please, let us know how you do it! For the majority, especially with more than one person in the household, things tend to pile up and junk drawers become common in several areas of the house. With less clutter, there’s more breathing room and it’s much easier to find things. OK, let’s talk about decluttering.

  1. “When did I last use this?”: This one is free. You can even make a few extra bucks! Ask yourself if you’ve used an item in 6 months or not. If you haven’t, it’s likely the item wouldn’t be missed if trashed or sold in a yard sale. To begin, go around and do this in each room and get rid of as much unnecessary clutter as you can. Get the family involved!
  2. “Where is the remote?”: Remotes always seem to get misplaced or they end up tossed around random spots in the living room. Look around your home for a decorative box or basket. You can always use wall paper, material, spray paint, or paint to cover a box that may not be too pleasing to the eye. This is a great way to get a pop of color in a room. After you’ve chosen a nice-looking basket or box, you can set it in a spot and let everyone know that’s where the remotes will live. This will reduce the time you spend looking for the remotes. Score!
  3. “I can’t find a matching pair of socks!”: Somehow, it seems one sock always abandons its counterpart. You can fix the sock dilemma by inserting wood dividers into your sock drawers and when everything has been washed (tip: wash all delicates and small clothes—socks—in a mesh bag. They sell these specifically for this reason), match and roll the pairs of socks and separate by color utilizing the dividers. Use any lone socks as rags, tie a knot in them for a fun and free dog toy your dog can rip up without consequence, they’re yours, so do as you please with the sock stragglers.
  4. “Where is my book?”: If you have bookshelves and no organizational system, it may become difficult to find what you need. Think ‘library’ and organize your books by genre or authors’ last name. Throw out or recycle anything you no longer want or need. Now, you’ll be able to find any book at any time. If you have enough you can sell or donate, you can use the extra shelving for other thing around the house that need a home.
  5. “Have you seen my keys?”: Keys, for some reason, are the easiest thing to misplace and likely one of the most commonly misplaced items. Having a spot for everything is a great tip to keep in mind when decluttering and organizing. Never misplace your keys again by getting a “key bowl” or key hooks. You can find these anywhere. Once you’ve set up your key area, get in the habit of dropping them off on their hook or in the key bowl and you’ll never have to run around looking for your keys again.
  6. “Don’t throw the blankets on the floor!”: How often do you find yourself looking around to see throw blankets and pillows sprawled haphazardly across the floor? This is a fun fix. If you happen to have a larger pretty basket, you can place this in a corner in the living room as your designated blanket basket. It’s easy for family and friends to grab a blanket if it gets a little cold, without having to use a “floor blanket”.

These are all quite simple and you can use any of these techniques anywhere in your home. Again, always keep in mind to have a place for everything. If it has a place, it won’t be    misplaced.


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